Thursday, March 30, 2017

Video: Personal Disciple Making, Pt. 1

We hear the phrase or challenge all the time in church, “go make disciples”.  But what does that mean for us on a personal, day-to-day level?  Where do we begin?  What do we do?

This video is part 1 of 2 that will open up the conversation by introducing you to a definition of disciple making that can be put into practice with those in your small group or in any part of your life.  The definition was born through studying Jesus’ relationship with His disciples and by learning through my own disciple making journey.  

Here is the definition:

Disciple making is teaching people to follow Jesus through intentional, loving relationships so that they can go and do the same.

As you watch and listen, begin praying, asking God to help you grow as a disciple maker.  Remember, YOU are God’s person for the job, and the job of making disciples is an amazing, joy filled job!

Disciple making part 1 from Alfred Turley on Vimeo.


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