Wednesday, May 17, 2017

One Day Closer to Death... A Prayer

A beautiful prayer from Sam Smith - Rock Bridge Chatsworth Campus Pastor


From the Journal of Sam Smith - May 17, 2017

Good morning Jesus.  I am working on my following You.  I am trying to stop listening to that voice in my head that speaks negatives and leads me to distrust.  I am trying to speak Biblical truth to myself - instead of listening to that voice.  

Jesus thank You for setting Your face toward Jerusalem and traveling toward Your death for me.  I cannot imagine that every step You took, You knew You were one step closer to death.

Wait!  Wait!!  Every step I take I am also one step closer to death!  Reality set in yesterday when at the DMV I asked the lady when I would have to get my next drivers license.  She said 8 years.  I will be 63.  

Lord Jesus these next 8 years, these next 8 months, these next 8 days, these next 8 minuets, these next 8 seconds: I want to follow You in making a difference for Your Kingdom to come!  I cannot and will not do it alone.  Jesus I need You more today than ever.

I love You Jesus!


May we all count the moments today, and live each one in the reality that we are one step closer to death...  And to eternal life!


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